Dicken's Lost Will Escape Quest


The world just learned that Charles Dickens, the beloved author of favorite tales such as A Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist, left an addendum to his will that leaves the unpublished (and thought unwritten!) last installments of his last work, the Mystery of Edwin Drood, to the child born after his death.

Can you follow the clues in Dicken’s Study to unlock the final chapters of his last and unfinished novel?

Such a find would be worth a mint!

But wait, the docent just told you that Dicken's home is closing in 30 minutes...race the clock and see if you can follow the trail that Dicken's left for his last and beloved child.


Read the Will and see if you can unlock the clues in the room!

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For 2 to 5 players.  Children over 12 welcome with a paying and accompanying adult.



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